Email marketing is big — Email sending is very lucrative

Consequently, newsletter marketing and email sending services are one of the most thriving industries. In various places on the web people point to a return on investment of email marketing of over hundred, sometimes even thousand, percent. Just wow!

There is a whole range of services and solutions available that help to facilitate the process of creating and sending emails. Examples are design agencies creating and hand coding email templates, companies like MailChimp that focus on email sending and deliverability, and design testers like Litmus. There are also products and services like Return Path that focus on improving the success of email marketing campaigns with a wide range of analytical tools.

Companies like Mailchimp are generally defined as Email Marketing Service Providers or EMSPs. We have a bias towards Mailchimp, but have been using about each and every of these services including Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi, Emma, Constant Contact and a few more. They all have their particular pros and cons, but they also all have one thing in common: their email editors are very (very very) limiting. In general this seems to be their answer to display inconsistencies across email clients. The fewer things you can customize, the lower the chances of running into display issues on certain email clients. Making custom responsive emails using any of these services, is simply out of the question.

This is why we, and a lot of other businesses, have been hand coding our (responsive) emails for years. And it is also why, when we found that the technology powering Responsive Layout Maker (and soon Responsive Site Designer) could be a solution to this problem, set out to develop RED (Responsive Email Designer).

This is just the start...of an article, a book, a journey?

Yep, there’s a lot to say about this. There’s a lot to share based upon what we learned while making RED. So, this article is far from complete and might even turn into a whole book. For now be sure you are on our email list so we can keep you posted on any developments here!