Create a Site Designer Template File

Creating shareable Site Designer templates can be done in a few simple steps. Instead of just sharing the plain .rsd file, you can create a proper template file. This allows others to save the design in their template resource folder and reuse it. If you're designing website pages for a business or for profit, saving your work as a proper template file also adds a professional touch. Here's how you can create this shareable file.

Save Template
  1. With the project open, go to File > Save As Template. A pop up dialog box will appear prompting you to name your template.
  2. Save Template
  3. Go to: File > Open Template Folder.
  4. Open Folder
  5. Locate the 'My Themes' folder. Your design will have 3 associated files: .data, .png, and .rsd
  6. Find Files
  7. Grab the 3 files and place them into their own folder on your desktop. The folder name should be labeled with the same name as your template.
  8. Save in Folder
  9. Zip/Compress the folder.
  10. Zip Folder
  11. Change the zipped folder from .zip to .rsdtheme
  12. Save

Once the template file is prepared, it's ready to be shared with others. Users can simply double-click the .rsdtheme file to install it into their program or choose File > Import Template.

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