Here you will find an overview of your page components. It provides you with information about their individual file sizes, combined file sizes (total page weight) and download speed.

The Components tab gives you an initial breakdown of the information gathered from the scan of your web page. This includes one or more graphs as well as a file breakdown for each type of file from images to JavaScript. You’ll find a collection of statistics to tell you how long it takes someone to download (load) your web page, how fast your server is responding to the page request as well as the number of various file types found connected to the page scanned.

Components Tab
Features of the Components Tab:
  • Page Weight: The amount of Kilobytes of information each page of a website contains. Page weight includes all elements on your page including Images, CSS, JavaScript and Media (video, sounds, etc.).
  • Download Time: How long it takes to download all elements on your page.
  • Server Response Time: The time it takes for your server to respond to serve up the page that is being requested.
  • Total Number of Requests: The total number of requests it takes to download elements on your page. For example, each image on your page would count as 1 request.
  • Components Breakdown: A breakdown of all the elements that may be found on your page including Images, CSS, JavaScript and Media (video, sounds, etc.).

Slow loading pages ]make it difficult for visitors to access your site. It may cause some to leave altogether. Google considers page load speed a relevant search rank factor. Download times can be affected by the size of the page components or the number of requests it takes to download all the referenced media. We compiled a list of things that can done to improve page load speed for your convenience.