S-Drive is a set of integrated services provided by CoffeeCup that work together toward a single purpose: Simplifying the process of creating and maintaining your website!

From the very beginning, CoffeeCup’s main goal has been to simplify web development for our users. However, over the years, one of the main things about web publishing that has confused our users is the File Transfer Protocol, or FTP.

FTP has always been a somewhat vague network standard, full of settings that many people don’t understand, or don’t need to understand. In other words, it’s overly complicated for the average user. After all, it was originally designed to be used by network specialists, and these days, just about everyone has a web presence.

S-Drive makes FTP a thing of the past by creating an easy way to publish and maintain your website. You just need a CoffeeCup account and to choose a subdomain you wish to use for your website. For example, you.coffeecup.com would be your web address if you chose “you” as your subdomain.

Within several of our programs, and coming soon to our other apps, you can now choose whether you’d like to publish your website with S-Drive or by FTP. With the “Publish to S-Drive” method, you just need to enter your CoffeeCup account information once — no confusing FTP information needed — and the program publishes your website with the click of a button. Your website’s files will stay on our server, meaning you won’t need a web hosting provider for your website to be visible.

You can find the programs that currently publish to S-Drive here.

If you’d like to use your own domain name, like www.mywebsite.com, it’s simple! You’ll just need to change the CNAME record of that domain name to point to you.coffeecup.com, or whatever your chosen CoffeeCup domain is. You can read more about the CNAME process here.

S-Drive’s services work together to provide you with the easiest webmaster experience possible. So far, we’ve been talking about S-Drive Sites, but there are a few other services that exist already, and more to come.

Click here for more information on CoffeeCup Web Services. You can sign up for an account right now!