Shopping Cart Creator is equipped to handle downloadable products in the same way it handles physical products. This gives you, the shop owner, the most control over your inventory. Please note that the delivery process is not automatic — see Step 3 for information about how to handle delivery.

  1. Set up your products within the software.
  2. When a customer places an order, you will receive an e-mail notification with the order details.
  3. Respond to the customer with a download location for the product. We recommend using secure services such as YouSendIt or SendThisFile.

If you are using Shopping Cart Creator Pro, you may also want to provide a special shipping option for users who purchase downloadable products. First, make sure all the weight of your downloadable products is set to 0. Next, set up an option in the Weight-Based Shipping area for products weighing between 0 and .01 weight units and call it “Download.” With this option in place, your users will have a clear option to select when they purchase a downloadable product.