Learn the 6 steps to creating mobile-friendly emails, invoices and newsletters...

Did you know that a majority of emails are first opened on a mobile device? Yup, and that means your online-mailings need to be responsive so they are readable for everyone, no matter what. Unsure where to start, or think you can’t do it because you’re not a coder?

With Responsive Email Designer you don’t need to be a code or email expert to develop device-agnostic messages.*

With a drag-n-drop interface, RED truly makes building flexible emails a breeze. It has a cool slider so you can preview your creation at every possible screen size. As the display gets smaller, you can adjust anything that doesn’t look its best like adjust text sizes, stack columns, enlarge buttons, etc. Yup, with a single click you can add breakpoints and update the design for mobile readers. Plus RED knows just what to do to render emails beautifully across all mail clients (including Windows 8 phones).

To prove how simple it is to make a responsive email, we broke down the design process into just 6 steps » along with cool videos, and free trial of RED for Business.

This helpful ‘how-to’ guide is the perfect way to launch into this profitable marketing activity. Ready to begin? Grab a copy of RED now at a sweet discount to use with the new tutorial.

Unsure which version is right for you? Check out the details in the massive feature chart »

Start making better emails. Go Responsive

Made with RED

Sending responsive emails greatly improves the user experience. When the reader is not required to ‘pinch-n-zoom’ to access the information, the email is more likley to get the attention of the reader, and less likey to get sent to the dreaded trash bin.

“ RED is a lifesaver when it comes to email design.”

— Colin Arenburg

Whether you create newsletters for clients, manage marketing for your business, or send transactional notices such as invoices, you shouldn’t be without RED. Use it with the tutorial and you’ll have the basic techniques down fast. So whatcha waiting for? Join us and:

* It’s true, you don’t have to be a pro to master responsive emails. Take it from me, Suzie-Q, the resident non-coder here at CoffeeCup, as I created the cool newsletter you’re reading now. Don’t be afraid — get a copy of RED and follow along with the 6 step guide. Enjoy! :)