Santa didn’t need magic to wave hello...

Yup, thanks to the popular Animation Studio Santa has been brought to life. Images like this are attention grabbers. Plus, they’re more light-weight than videos, and much more engaging than still images.

Animate Anything for $14

This app has many talents to boast about including:

  1. Living Pictures: Clever animations that bring part of a photo to life.
  2. GIFs from Videos: Display videos as GIF while taking up less space on your server.
  3. Frame edits: Draw or edit frames right inside the animator.
  4. PNG slide shows: High-quality animations you can embed in any website.

Get in the holiday spirit with cool graphics

Santa made 45 holiday animated graphics and bundled them with the app at a bargain. These are the perfect touch for this holiday season. Want a taste? Take a look below:

gift box
Holiday Graphics
Get the bundle for $24