Manully linking graphics into Email Designer

Normally, Email Designer would automatically upload local files to your S-Drive Storage account. We are currently expericing an outage with S-Drive Storage. This tutorial will show you how to manully link in your graphic files into your designs so that you may complete your newsletters and sales notices.

  1. First, you will need to delete the locally added graphics. Click on Add Image in the app's toolbar and delete all files including the social icons.
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  3. Next, log into your CoffeeCup S-Drive account and go to the Sites folder. Click on Upload Files in the top right corner. Tip: You may also create folders to keep graphics organized.
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  5. Drag and drop you your project image files to upload them to your account.
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  7. Click on the gear icon next to the file and select Copy Link. This will copy the link for your image location to your clipboard.
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  9. Go to Email Designer and select the Image Element on your canvas. Then go to the Design pane > Source > and use the drop down to choose Online Image.
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  11. Paste the URL for your uploaded graphic in the box below.
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  13. Repeat these steps for all your project graphics. Then your project will export and generate the correct code for your design.