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30-day guarantee.

There’s no risk in trying out S-Drive. If you decide to cancel within 30 days of signing up, we’ll promptly issue a full refund.

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Your data is safe with us.

Your site will live on our burly server systems, managed by experts, and as dependable as your mother’s love.

Do I need to agree to a long-term contract?

Of course not! You can make changes to your S-Drive package at any time with no penalties. Feel free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account whenever you’d like. We want you to experience the freedom of S-Drive, and that includes not locking you into a contract of any kind.

Can I add multiple users to my account?

Yes—they’re what we call “contributors,” and the maximum number of contributors depends on which plan you have. These users will have the ability to update your website via your Stream by sending a simple email. This way, you can have an entire team creating and submitting content.

Do you charge per-user?

No. You pay a single monthly fee for the S-Drive package of your choice, and you’re supplied with a set amount of contributors. Want more? You can always add more contributors by upgrading your account at any time. We’ll prorate the change in plans so you won’t end up being overcharged.

What’s all the stats business about?

Glad you asked! Your Stream stats give you info about how many people looked at your posts and where they came from. With Shops, you can watch your customers’ actions in real time; see stats for product views, successful transactions, and more. You’ll learn a lot from what you see.

For more information on S-Drive services please go here.