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  • Bio: I have been working with Insurance software from 1975 until 2016. In 1987 I was co-founder of the software company NICE - Norwegian Insurance Computer Environment - and I worked there as manager and senior adviser until I retired at the end of March 2016. I had my first private homepage on the web in 2000 (www.nkm.net) and I have been a CoffeCup customer and supporter since 2002. Now I am offering homepage and email help and services to individuals, organisations and small businesses mostly on a no-profit basis (www.nkmoller.com).

    In 2000 I joined the Norwegian Railway Club (Norsk Jernbaneklubb) - a member association for people interested in railways ("rail fans") - and in 2016 I was elected chairman of the club. The club has about 2 000 members (2017) all over Norway.

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