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    Well I started programming back in 1982. I was in the U.S.A.F. and attended classes at Utah State U. I stayed with Pascal in all of it's forms: Turbo Pascal, Turbo Vision, Delphi. Then started on Ada in the A.F. C, Cobal, C++, Basic, Dos and dabbled in Assm. After Windows came out I was busy trying to go into graphical design 3D using object oriented Delphi and that's where I ended my programming career. Haven't done much since and never attempted any of the IT stuff at all other than just home pages and little projects. Thats been a long time ago and have forgotten more than some know today. The only reason I'm doing any of this is the wife wants to breed Basset Hounds and needs a way to sell them- now that news papers are almost history. Did you know you can't sell a pet on Hmm. Things change I guess. Well now I own my own trucking company and drive the lower 48 seeing whats out there. I do this IT stuff from the sleeper in my truck when I get a few mins. here and there over my Droid X "HotSpot". Easiest job I've ever had, just sit and watch the world go by- and get paid to do it.

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