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  • Bio: Has-been IT guy.
    Started programming Basic on a Commodore 64, doing applications, and went on to programming my employers newly bought wonder, an IBM PC, that noone knew what to do with.
    My employer bought a Nixdorff computer to replace accounting puchcards, and I developed a subscription and distribution system in Basic on that.
    From the newspaper I changed job and started with a swiss insurance company, programming their IBM 4381 Mainframe, and since it was using Cobol, I had to learn that as well. We developed a distributed system based on an IBM S/36 for the Field Sales Insurance organization.
    Then I worked for about 10 years with various IBM Business Partners, mainly with IBM AS/400, doing ERP, Content Management, CRM, Social Security, MPS and a lot of other stuff.
    In the mid 90's I threw my love on the internet, and we made the first danish e-biz site for Volvo, having data on the AS/400. Since no tools were avaliable, it was all hand coded in HTML and Assembler, DB2, RPG etc.
    When I found Coffeecup, I was sold, and has enjoyed using it ever since. Never really got to take the time to exploit the new tools from coffeecup, sadly. But made a tons of websites since then.
    Even though I don't program any more for a living (I'm in to Management Consulting instead, said the guy who recently completed a 6 week course making mobile apps using C#, Xamarin and Visual Studio), I still use web site development to solve problems to my own company and for my customers.
    The rest is boring details. ;-)

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