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  • Bio: I fell in love with computers a long time ago. When I decided I wanted my own website I first went with the templates offered by my service provider. Very shortly they became too restrictive for my wishes for a website. By then I knew that pages on the web were created using an odd language called HTTP. It sounded like hard work to learn that, but I bit the bullet and started with a very elementary book on the subject. After much stretching of my brain and a little bad language (maybe a lot of bad language), and a slightly more advanced text, I mastered some of it. I bought a couple of coding programs and liked them pretty good. My first pages were pretty bad, but they worked. After a while I thought I'd tackle Style Sheets. Decided I liked them. And then I discovered Coffee Cup - and their HTML Editor. They have been my go-to place for web design programs ever since. I don't have all their programs because I'm not a commercial web designer or all that into it. I was very reluctant to even try RLM, and sadly lacking in dollars to buy it anyway. But when CC offered the gift of a trimmed-down version I decided to try it. I've not done much with it yet, but I think I'll like it. Who knows? I might even find the money sometime to buy RLM Pro! Long live Coffee Cup.
    Well, that bunch at CC knew what they were doing, giving away that trimmed down version. I love RLM. Have now purchased RLM Pro!
    Wow, lot of water under the bridge since I wrote the above. Graduated to Responsive Site Designer (now just Site Designer. I guess since everybody, and I do mean everybody, has a cell phone or two these days, responsive websites are here to stay, eh? I made a few, for myself and guilds I'm in, before turning them over to others. Lost my website through inattention, made another using old standby, HTML Editor, Between time passing and Covid, I'd also lost quite a bit of the responsive knowledge I so painfully acquired. Am in process of relearning and learning some new. Began to think maybe I was too old, but it's slowly percolating into brain. Might get there yet. Thanks, Coffee Cup.

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