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  • Bio: I fell in love with computers a long time ago. When I decided I wanted my own website I first went with the templates offered by my service provider. Very shortly they became too restrictive for my wishes for a website. By then I knew that pages on the web were created using an odd language called HTTP. It sounded like hard work to learn that, but I bit the bullet and started with a very elementary book on the subject. After much stretching of my brain and a little bad language (maybe a lot of bad language), and a slightly more advanced text, I mastered some of it. I bought a couple of coding programs and liked them pretty good. My first pages were pretty bad, but they worked. After a while I thought I'd tackle Style Sheets. Decided I liked them. And then I discovered Coffee Cup - and their HTML Editor. They have been my go-to place for web design programs ever since. I don't have all their programs because I'm not a commercial web designer or all that into it. I was very reluctant to even try RLM, and sadly lacking in dollars to buy it anyway. But when CC offered the gift of a trimmed-down version I decided to try it. I've not done much with it yet, but I think I'll like it. Who knows? I might even find the money sometime to buy RLM Pro! Long live Coffee Cup.
    Well, that bunch at CC knew what they were doing, giving away that trimmed down version. I love RLM. Have now purchased RLM Pro!

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