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  • Bio: I've recently started making websites. Everything I've learnt (which isn't much considering how much there is to learn) has been through trial and error, and reading forums and books.

    I first heard of CoffeeCup when I was looking for a FTP server, and Google thankfully pointed me towards here. I've tried a range of web design programs, from Adobe Dreamweaver, to Microsoft Expression. Whilst both of these were good in their own rights, none have helped me develop as much as CoffeeCup. More due to the fact that the others are aimed at professionals, and the usability is not as easy to grasp as the HTML editor. The help that is provided by the team have made it alot easier to learn the software, and made my life easier. Especially when I do something wrong!

    So from then on I was hooked on this CoffeeCup as much as the one on my desk right now!

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