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  • Bio: <p>She&rsquo;s a musician, photographer, likes to lift weights but she&rsquo;s tiny (5ft, 97 lbs), her nickname at the gym is &ldquo;Brute Force&rdquo;, and she&rsquo;s into Capoeira (Brazillian martial arts/dancing) and Parkour (French urban free running), which means she can kick your butt. Whew! We get worn out just thinking about all that stuff.</p>

    <p>On top of that she has tattoos (and hopes that&rsquo;s not a problem), hasn&rsquo;t owned a car in years, is Vegan and has very cheesy sense of humor. As far as we are concerned with all those quirks &mdash; she fits in here perfectly.</p>

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