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  • Bio: I guess you could say that has been working its way to the surface for over twenty years now. Growing up the youngest of three I have obviously had plenty of things to be jealous over, such as my siblings getting to drive before me, getting to stay out later, and of course getting new clothes while I received hand me downs. Fueled by jealousy, my older brother and I have been competing over anything and everything for as long as I can remember.

    It wasn’t until both my brother and I became homeowners that the competition reached all time highs. He had a better push mower than me so I got a used riding mower. Not to be out done he acquired a riding mower that had seven more horsepower than mine and the competition just kept going, stretching from cars to computers and even hiking equipment. Some would say we have a problem and they would probably be right but at least we have fun competing.

    That is exactly what is all about. It is designed for fun, competition, healthy debate, communicating with friends, family, and friends to be, and of course attempting to prove those who disagree with you wrong. began as a joke when I told my brother that I posted new pictures of my lawnmower on It then matured into a news bulletin that I created for a family get together during the holidays. Everyone wanted to know if it was a real website which made me start to think that maybe it should be.

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