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  • Bio: My dad taught me Fortran programming on a mainframe in the early 1960's and I have had a love hate relationship with computers ever since. I wrote some commercially successful utility software for the Apple //e and Mac. I also created a web page generator in Hypercard for my colleagues. I still remember the weekly announcements of the dozen or so new websites available for your Netscape web browser in the very early days of the www.

    My wife (a Sr. Database Admin) and I design websites for dog breeders ( and are building a genealogical web database for Irish Setters. She shows Irish Setters and I photograph the dogs. Our youngest is an AKC/UKC champion and loves to play cat games on an iPad. He now tries to grab golf balls and scrolling news text on the flat screen tv...... Our son is a Linux guru, so he gets many calls when we have an error or need php help.

    When I am not trying to tame a computer, I am professor in instructional design.

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