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    It has taken 3 years and on my 3rd webmaster...and, over $7,000 to get my web site(s) and blog to their present state. I want to do some tweaking and testing...keywords, etc. and am hoping I can get good enough with your CoffeeCup editor and site builder to do this by myself from now on. If I seem to ask you a few stupid questions, please bear with me.

    Jan 2014:
    After using Coffeecup's software for nearly 3 years now... I'm more pleased than ever. I have built 6 web sites with it and discover new things I can do each time. Great job, guys & gals! Keep the new features coming.

    January 2017:
    Like several other Coffeecup products, I bought their fabulous replacement for VSD.... only to discover that [apparently] videos were not a part of it; 'blocks' of pictures and text moved and shrunk very nicely, but videos (with their predefined resolution size) were not even mentioned...nor, shown anywhere. With the whole world going 'video' I was discouraged that CoffeeCup had kicked VSD out the back door (me, along with it)....and their marvelous new concept makes no mention of video content being part of it. So disappointed.

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