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  • Bio: Five years ago I was totally a newb when it came to computers and even worse about the internet. So when I opened my own Record label and Booking Agency websites were a must. Well after searching the web for a webmaster only to find they were way out of my price range I became determined to learn to buil my own. After MONTHS of fraustrating and failed attempts I happened upon an add by CoffeeCup. So I started checking out there products. WOW! three days later my websites were built thanks to the simplicity of Visual Site Designer. I call it the web building software for idiots! It was not more than a week and I purchased an entire package consisting of apx 22 different programs. And every spare minute was spent testing them out. Now I am pumping out Flash Intros, mastering the art of Iframes, appling music, videos, animations and much more all from scratch! My graphical skills have developed far more than I ever even dreamed!
    I carry an affiliate banner in my links area but I also now have a banner on every page of all 4 of my sites that reads "this site is powered exclusive by coffeecup" which I link straight to CoffeeCups Homepage w/o an affiliate tag so that visitors can see that i believe in this company enough to forego any compensation for encouraging people to try them out!

    Thank you CoffeeCup Staff I could NEVER have done this without you!

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