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  • Bio: I am a mother of 2 sons, both grown and married, and a grandmother of 3. I am the director of Keystone Military Families, a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to providing mail and care packages to US troops serving our country all over the world. We also assist military families in crisis and support our veterans. We have a pantry for veterans and military families to get food, clothing or household goods and they have access to other resources for help with rent, utilities or education and medical benefits.

    I was an electronics specialist and training manager for a large retail company for 23 years until a work accident caused spinal cord damage and resulting in a chronic pain disease called RSD/CRPS. To maintain my sanity I taught myself HTML and am learning PHP/MySQL.

    I built and maintain our organization's website and used to build sites for family and friends. If I had more time I would love to do more website design but life always interferes with living doesn't it? I LOVE Coffee Cup Software!!

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