The Embassy

What’s all this then?

The CoffeeCup Ambassador Program recognizes the 2,478 members of the worldwide CoffeeCup user community who contribute their time, knowledge, and resources to promoting our products and helping other users.

These loyal fans share interest in our products and tell fellow Web designers and developers about their love of all things CoffeeCup. We are proud to have such wonderful people in our user community.

Why do we have them?

It takes more than talented programmers to make good software. It takes people like you: honest voices from the community, technology experts, and artists; all coming together like the pieces of a puzzle. We know that listening to the feedback from the people who buy and use our software helps us make better products, and that’s what this is all about. The Ambassador program was created to bring all the members of this community together and give them an open, friendly place where they can share their ideas, opinions, and feedback directly with us and the rest of the community.

Plus: CoffeeCup is a small company (just 21 people) — the underdog so to speak. With the support of our Ambassadors, we can provide a level of service and support to all users that rivals and even surpasses what you would get from even our largest competitor, which is something a small team like us could never do alone.

Our users make us great. We just want to return the favor.

What do they get?

All CoffeeCup Ambassadors get access to the Embassy. Inside, you will find active community forums, access to beta software before it’s released anywhere else, special coupons and discounts on our products and services, and resources for organizing and hosting local meet-ups of CoffeeCup users.

We also occasionally give out cool gifts like espresso machines, iPods, digital cameras, and other neat things to people who are especially helpful to the community.

Cool! So what’s required of Ambassadors?
All we ask is that you pledge to share your passion for CoffeeCup products and services, stay active within the community, and participate in beta tests of our software and services.

How can I join?

You can become a CoffeeCup Ambassador by invitation only. You can be invited by a current Ambassador or by the CoffeeCup Team directly. If you’re really really really interested in becoming an Ambassador, click the button below and someone will contact you soon.

Please log into your account to request consideration for the Ambassador program.