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Here are a few things that you will love about the new HTML Editor V18.

Enable dark mode
html editor dark mode

Night eye

Enable Dark Mode

Enjoy the new Dark Mode Highlighting Color Schemes. Within the Highlighting controls you may select the preconfigured dark mode workflow. Using a dark theme can help you focus on the screen without causing irritation to your eyes.

Built-in PHP syntax checking
php syntax checking

clean code

Built-in PHP Syntax Checking

A Syntax Check PHP menu is located under the Documents menu. Now you can run your PHP scripts through the checker to pinpoint any errors in the code.

Html editor colors workflow
html editor colors workflow


Brighten your code with a rainbow of colors for your workflow.

Color values are now colorized in the code editing window. This makes it much easier to identify colors applied to your content while you work. Hex values, RBG, RGBA, HSL, and HSLA plus 140+ named colors are supported. Choose how you want the colors displayed: full color behind text or underlined text with color.

large toolbar icons
large toolbar icons

easy on the eyes

Enhanced Toolbar Options

Working on that fancy wide screen monitor? We gotchu with new customization options for your interface! Access large toolbar preferences to make designing on high resolution screens easier.

integrated google fonts
html editor google fonts

Perfect Type

Integrated Google Fonts

Your choice of font is extremely important. You need to consider your message as well as who will be reading the text. With integrated Google Fonts in the HTML Editor you can take your pick from over 1000 fonts. In just a few clicks you can select the best font to display your navigation menu, call to actions, titles or copy on your site.

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Just the start

V18 Is Packed With So Much More!

Discover all the additions to the new HTML Editor V18 in the comprehensive change logs. We breakdown all the new features, enhancements, and miscellaneous fixes.

Fresh Website Templates

Enjoy the growing collection of responsive website templates. Each design can be tailored to fit your specific content.

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For people who code, and those who don't.

Site Designer's code-free controls allow you to experiment with high-level features without needing to know how the markup is written. Your creativity can run wild! Build utilizing a drag-n-drop workflow in a live browser environment. Then style your content in super speed using clickable controls.

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