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Jo Anne You seem to be in the mix. You said that there will be soon a payment option in the upgrade to WFB. any word on when that may be?.
I wish to introduce a form that I can sell software I produce and I like the interface that is WFB. I know I have demonstrated I can do something with the output but that is after the horse has bolted. It also requires additional pages external to VSD although doable not the most desirable. If I had dozens of items I would go for SCCP. I tested it and it is a fantastic bit of software but overkill in my line.

So I am hoping that there will be some good news on the horizon. The Aussie soon. you know "She'll be right mate", probably the week after next.
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lol Prism, ain't no way I'd say anything but soon even if I did know, but trust me, I don't think any, or many if any users, know that time frame. :P

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:) I know 24 million of us who would.
The Guy from OZ

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