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S-Drive Forms

Smarter Web Forms

The latest Web Form Builder publishes to S-Drive with a single click, putting your form on the web, pronto. Just create your form, publish, and share it with the world—then dive into your results without configuring a thing.

Forms hosted on S-Drive are designed to be flexible: You can embed them in any webpage without having to upload files elsewhere. When it’s time to update the form, just publish again.

Works Great With

Web Form Builder creates fantastic web forms in a snap. Try it for free:

for Windows for OS X
Automated Form Processing
Every time someone fills out your form, the results appear in your S-Drive Dashboard with no configuration necessary.
Master Control Panel
View all your forms at once in a sweeping overview. Check out the results or manage what’cha got.
Stats that Rock
See how many people view your form; then break it down even further to find out how many start and finish it.
Click a form to view a list of results; then click those results for the brass-tacks details.