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I have been searching for a way to do this but can't come up with a good solution.

We will have a retail store and a wholesale store (built with SCC)

The wholesale store will be for customers who will be charging their purchases to a Net/30 account and not paying for them but the wholesale store is also for wholesale customers who do not have the Net/30 and must pay for them at the time of order. I realize this is not an option with SCC or SCCpro.

What is a way to accomplish this? How do others do it. The only thing I can really come up with is to have the customer email us the list of items wanted. We will have many items in the store but all have an item number.

Any other idea?

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Hiya prairie,

You might be better off saving your wholesale store as yet another shop and using one for paying online and one for offline viewed as catalog instead of shop.

This way you'd end up with 3 stores, but the 1 retail and 1 wholesale would take online sales, and the other wholesale could be uploaded as a Catalog (setting in the shop) and that would take care of the Net/30 customers.

Not a perfect setup, but it would give you one more avenue for instant income rather than waiting on email orders, better for getting those impulse buyers that would end up leaving if they have to email their orders rather than buying on the site. Some people aren't patient enough for that :)

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thanks that is something I hadn't thought of and don't know about the 'Catalog' setting in the shop. Is this a feature of the SCC pro? Do you have a 'Catalog' online that I could look at??

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I believe it's a Pro thing, but I could be wrong there. I dont' have one online that I've ever uploaded so I have no link for you to look at, but if you're testing out the trial version of the software at all you should be able to find it in the settings. Go to the Your Shop settings and the option is right there on the General tab of those settings to publish as shopping cart or catalog.

Might be worth spending a little extra and getting the pro version if you don't already have it. There's a sale right now that I just saw in an email newsletter that has the Pro versions of Cart, Designer as well as a handful of other software for $99 so might be worth checking that out.

Good luck on it though :)

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Thanks, I have the basic SCC and should have bought the Pro when I started using is a couple of years ago but will check it out and maybe get the pro too because that sure would be a good option to just have a catalog that they can order from!

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JoAnn, I have looked over the Catalog and searched info about it in the forums. I could use it but customers can't make a list of items to order -- it is simply a catalog. While that is fine it won't be a help to me.

I found other posts from you about using Web Form Builder and making a form for customers to fill out with their orders if they are ordering on a purchase order/Net30 type account with us.

I think I will go this route--- Just set up the wholesale store and add a form on the homepage that they can fill out if they are not paying for the order--------- if they are paying for the order then they can use the Add to Cart buttons.

Does anyone out there have any forms made that I might look at to see how I might design mine?

We have approx 100 products that will be in the store but each has a unique ID# so it shouldn't be too hard to list each item alphabetically by ID# and let the enter a quantity.

JoAnn or anyone have any ideas or examples for me????? Please???????????
Anyone done a store with a form for placing orders?????

thanks for any help!!

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You can use the print page option at the cart stage before going to payment gateway, it lists the items prices and totals, i have had clients post it to me with a cheque.

The html form takes a little mastering, but it works a treat, i will be setting up one hopefully next week with payment included, presently have a form on my wedding site for enquiries, it gets plenty.

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Please don't tell me that Web Form Builder has a steep learning curve?:rolleyes: Was hoping it was as simple as the old flash form software???

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Hiya Prairie,

I'm not quite sure how to answer you since I don't know what "kind" of products will be in the store, but I'm thinking something very very super basic would be all you need:

Acct. ID
any other fields you require for their ordering

Item 1: Qty:
Item 2: Qty:
Item 3: Qty:
and so on for however many you feel are needed
text boxes of course would be to the right of each Item #: and Qty: so they can just fill them in themselves.

One way to maybe try to make this easy is to make the Order page outside of the cart so it will open in a new page using the target="_blank" attribute. This way they can have the order page open and fill it out as they browse the catalog.

Make sure you show them how it's done on the home page or somewhere easy maybe a page in the shop called "Use our Pop Out Form" or something like that which I am sure needs to be shorter. Give good instructions so they know to open the form page and keep it open while they order so it makes it easy.

Have them fill in the item numbers themselves to keep it simple, but if you feel energetic you can always make dropdowns with all the items in it. You can create custom lists and reuse them too so you wouldn't have to retype it for each box.

Lots of ways to do it, unfortunately I have none up that can help with showing it, but an example of what can be done with the dropdowns you can see at the CatTown site in my sig. The contact page has a contact list dropdown, but that can be whatever you want to put in there so you could make a dropdown for each line instead of empty boxes. I personally think if the item numbers are short enough that having them fill them in would be faster. Tell them instructions for copy and paste and that works great too then.

Hope that helps a little at least. :)

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Thanks Viv and Joann for the help. Will be playing with the ideas and let you know how I finally decide to do the cart.

appreicate you all!

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