Why is this software given free now?

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Why is this software given free now?

How about those who paid for it?

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Hi Mao, from my understanding its being phased out as it doesn't fit with the new responsive design software that Coffeecup is putting out. They also dropped support for it.
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Yeah.. I get that they see it as obsolete, but it would be nice to have some sort of migration path from the awesome shopping cart creator Pro to the preferred product. I still use Shopping Cart Creator Pro (SCCP), because I can't see any way to use RSD to replace the functionality of SCCP.

Even a tutorial like, "The Mugs Guide to Loosening the Death Grip on Shopping Cart Creator Pro and Using Our New {whatever we are supposed to do thing inserted here}"...

I use RSD for my website, and it is great, but I can't make the leap to using it to replace SCCP.

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RSD is not meant to replace SCCP. If you have just a handful of products, you could use Web Form Builder to handle orders. However if you need a full-featured cart, and there are a number of open source carts that you could use.

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