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This may work and it's free. … class.html
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

Here's my S-Drive site with
examples of what can be accomplished in VSD.
Here's my CoffeeCup SCCP Shop with examples of what can be done.
This is a site I built for my work.(RSD)
This is a site I built for use in my job.(HTML Editor)
This is my personnel site used for testing and as an easy way to share photos.(RLM imported to RSD)

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Not that I need to backup Scott in way or form, but I have been in the software world (CAD) now for over 15 years and completely understand where both the customer and Developer are coming from.

Yes it is very hard for software planners/developers to please everyone with all the feature that their paying customers want. However it is a business and there is a plan to grow the business (Big Picture). Scott and team I am sure are looking to the future and how they can grow CC to make it an even greater company and create greater software. Yes there are some features that make it to the list, but have to be cut due to time and other factors, which planners/developers hate to due but that is the software business.

Also when looking at adding a new feature sometimes it is as easy as adding lines of code, but then there are features that need the time and effort to investigate what the best way to develop, implement and making sure it will meets the desires of the customer. This can take more than one year and I have seen (In my realm) it take many years to get the right solution (for both parties)

Again I'm not talking for Scott or CC, but just to give you a perspective from someone who works in the software development world (but for another software company [non-web software focused]) and even though I would like to have the feature/benefit of digital download capabilities in SCCP today, I too am patiently waiting for the lines of code to be added.

Thanks for reading :D
Kyle Aruda

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Kyle Aruda wrote:

So are you saying that you designed your cart in CC and then linked the buttons to Linklok tool?


No, not like that. My software pay & download page is totally separate to my CC shop. It uses Paypal's own shopping cart. The only thing that changes is the return address that paypal uses to return the customer to the shop. The SCC return is changed to the return for linklok. It does not affect SCC in anyway that I can see. If a sale is made in SCC the customer is still returned to the SCC shop after the sale. My SCC shop still works perfectly. What happens when someone buys my software is that when they make the payment they are returned to the linklok return address. This brings up the secure download page with links to the software. The customer has no idea where on the server the software is, as the link is encrypted. They simply click the links to download the software. An e-mail can also be sent to the customer with the appropriate links.
In summary what I really have is two shops, the SCC which is my main shop selling physical goods & the software (which I have to manually send ) & then I have my manually designed software shop which I designed using Webeditor. This one uses the Paypal shopping cart. You can't put the software in the Paypal cart & then go to the SCC shop & add to it with physical goods. The two shops don't work together unfortunately. This was my work around for allowing instant downloads. I lost all my software sales when I converted to SCC. I guess customers want the software NOW. Since I used linklok, my sales are slowly coming back.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. We are in the same boat however we are looking to have the LinkLok generate the button code and then replace that code in the SCC but will still have to have two shops like you for physical goods and one for DD goods.


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Agreed with all - need to be able to sell my ebooks.
Currently I have a purchase page set up that my banner ads link to, and I would be happy enough if I could just put that link in my product detail or such in the shopping cart - for this I would just need a way to disable the 'add to cart' button, or to have it redirect somewhere other than the cart. Just my thoughts.

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You know Barnes and Noble has a Author program that allows you to put your ebooks on their site... Do not know what it costs or if it even cost something at all.. You should check it out...
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Dennis Perez wrote:
Agreed with all - need to be able to sell my ebooks.
Currently I have a purchase page set up that my banner ads link to, and I would be happy enough if I could just put that link in my product detail or such in the shopping cart - for this I would just need a way to disable the 'add to cart' button, or to have it redirect somewhere other than the cart. Just my thoughts.

I may be way off here so if I am, ignore my post lol. I haven't used the program in a very long time, but....

From what I remember there is a catalog option that you can create a catalog of your site so that it's not in shop form. Maybe (this is the part I'm not sure of) you can place payment buttons such as Paypal or whatever you use as you suggested on the description area of your products and maybe this will show up and be clickable to purchase with?

Granted it's not a perfect scenario even if it works since people wouldn't be able to add things to a cart they would have to be ala carte purchases one by one, but it might be an option to try?

Let us know, as I'm curious and maybe it would help others too that are trying to do this.

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I had a similar issue in selling software as a download along with supporting hardware that is shipped manually world wide and looked at various shopping carts in the hope of finding one that would allow people to puchase both in the one transaction. In my case I needed to have:

1) software available as an imediate download via a protected link - also available on CD + download
2) have the purchaser's unique licence generated on the fly and included in their welcome email
3) have all the purchaser's details added to a MySql database on my server
4) hardware items added to the same cart so that the purchase could be made in the one transaction.

Initially I too, had two sections to my shop - and used Download Guard for software delivery. But people found it both annoying and confusing in having to make two separate purchase transactions.

*REMOVED SOFTWARE NAME* - together with some additional modules, provides all these features, together with many more, but I'll mention just a couple such as:

1) ability to recognise the purchaser's location via IP address and change the currency displayed in the shop accordingly
2) ability for EU based vat registered businesses to add their registration number and avoid paying the UK tax.

Coffeecup's cart is really a very basic one - in addition to not being able to handle downloads, it cannot even track the purchasers' details and relies simply upon the Paypal purchase notification; something I find amazing. But my comments are not intended as a criticism; indeed the overall simplicity can be a benefit in many cases - the company seems to specifically target its products at people looking for easy to use software. So I think it best to just accept that fact. And then just use it whenever it is appropriate.

For example, I bought Shopping Cart Pro (and Designer Pro) as a simple cart solution for a client selling fine art prints online and for this it works well; the (non vat registered) client is delighted with the shop, which thanks to Designer Pro, I was able to make match the overall web site design quite well. In this case, something like Prestashop would have been "way over the top" for the cart section of his site.

People do seem to want software downloads immediately after purchase, so hopefully the CC team will update their cart to accomodate digital downloads soon.

Peter Phelan
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I purchased SCC Pro in 2010 and have been waiting for the ability to sell virtual products, too. SCC Pro is a very basic shopping cart program but it has worked well for me with regard to selling tangible products. I suspect that if SCC Pro ever does include the ability to sell virtual products, it will likely require an S-Drive account to manage downloadable products. I hope not because I already have hosting and have no interest in S-Drive.

I believe development of SCC Pro has slowed and is not really a priority. CoffeeCup's business model requires them to release new software on a regular basis. It was said once that Version 4 of SCC Pro was expected in late 2011 and would include the ability to sell downloadable products. It's also been posted that the feature set of SCC Pro is likely to remain unchanged for some time. I suppose that means it could be awhile before a new version is released with any substantial improvements.

I find it rather frustrating at this point. I am using another software package to handle my virtual products but would like to have a shopping cart that can handle both tangible and virtual products together. It's probably time to move away from SCC Pro and look for something else.

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My suggestion is that you give them time. This is not like writing a book... When you write a book, the words flow down the page and give life to what you read. However, when you write a program, the words you write cause errors and bugs that have to first be found, then fixed, then written again, and so on... These things take time and that is why CC never gives a date as to when changes will be made. Because they know it will take time and they may run into an unexpected problem that needs to be solved. This is a great company and they listen to almost all suggestions (within reason) and normally give us what we want...

So, again I ask that you give it some time.
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