Suggestions for Responsive Email Designer

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A Format Painter would be very helpful so that we can quickly copy the font, size, style etc of a previously created Element to a new element.

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Might be late to the party but two suggestions based on the Beta:

1. Search & Replace or other functionality to append all URLs with Google Campaign URL Builder

This is one of the most time-consuming parts of preparing a newsletter for me, it’d be nice to add the links and append them or even replace previous campaign URLs/overwrite previous ones.

2. Extend the HREF/URL field character limit by several characters. When I have a URL with Google Campaign URLs at the end of the URL, a small percentage of them wouldn’t fit in the field and I had to use a URL shortener, which is not ideal. I believe this was for image links but I’m unsure, it may be all.

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Hi -- a couple of suggestions to smooth out Export workflow:

1. Please name the exported email the same name as the RED file ( -> welcome.html)
2. Is a folder necessary? There's only one file and I have to move it and delete the now empty folder.
3. Do I really need the modal window after each export? How about a "do not show this again" checkbox?

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