CoffeeCup Status Report - May 2011

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Hey Everybody! 

What a busy two months we have had here at CoffeeCup!  We’ve had quite a few updates to some programs as well as new services offered for S-Drive. This is going to be a busy Summer for us here as we have lots of goodies in the pipe over the next few months. 

I also want to thank all of you for the e-cards, posters and post cards sent to me for Justin Bieber. The good news is that I can re-gift most of these to my kids and be the "cool dad" on the block... until they start to think he is dumb and then I become the "lame dad" on the block. ;) 

Egg Hunt 
All we can say is WOW! This year it was just crazy watching people navigate around our site hunting for eggs. This year’s hunt went better then we could have hoped for.  We also learned a lot and received some awesome feedback from you and we will make next year’s hunt even better! If you noticed, we're pretty big into social networking. It's an excellent way to communicate with a larger user base, and it gives us a nearly instantaneous way to let our users know about the latest activities here. If you haven't subscribed to our Facebook or Twitter accounts yet, what are you waiting for?! 

A lot has changed over the past few months. When we first released S-Drive, we started with just Streams. Now you have the ability to connect to S-Drive with Visual Site Designer, Shopping Cart Creator (basic/pro), Direct FTP and Power Post. Our goal is to give you as many ways as possible to stay connected and access your S-Drive content with a variety of technologies.  

Direct FTP 
A beta version of Direct FTP was just posted in our forums that not only has many new features and enhancements, but also connects to S-Drive. Now you can upload your website created with our HTML Editor or another program (but it would be sad if you use something else). You can find more information on this update in our forums here.  

Visual Site Designer
Yes, we have been quite busy with this program since last November and probably have posted more builds then we would have liked. However, despite the many updates, we have finally reached a version which in my opinion is now top notch. We spent a lot of time and effort tweaking the HTML code to make sure that your website renders virtually identically under all operating systems and browsers.

We have two articles here that you MUST read so you understand a bit more on what is going on and why things work the way they do with Visual Site Designer:   

Guess what we have in the works? Yep, that’s right: An iPhone version of Power Post! While I can’t give any more specifics just yet, you can see this screenshot of the program installed on my iPhone. We will be working on an Android application as well later this year. 

Discontinued Programs 
From time to time we have to take a program that just no longer fits the existing product line and put it out to pasture.  It doesn't mean they’re not still useful programs, they just become redundant with other services we may provide. When a program is discontinued, it will be removed from our website but you can still access it under your My Products area. You will also notice the words (Discontinued Program) next to the title as well.  While the program is discontinued, we will still provide limited technical support for it, but just note that no further enhancements will be made to the software.  
Well that's about it here! 
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That's a lot and not even a mention of the few other things in the works (form builder comes to mind as well as the HTML Editor update being worked on) and a few things that have already been updated to a great degree (SCC & SCD pro's and basics, Web Calendar had a total rework, and I'm sure I'm missing a few).

You guys have had a very busing few months indeed! Thanks for all your hard work guys, Kudos to great software and developers that are real people too! :)

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Scott and everyone at CC thanks for a great product and support that's second to none. Your honesty and straight forward approach to solving users problems is greatly appreciated. The prices you charge for your software in noway reflects its true value especially with all the updates you do at a moments notice.
Thanks Eric :):)
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You are all so :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
Thanks, as always, for all your great efforts.:D

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Mr. Scott, your the best...just impressive...
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any news on the Mac version?
I signed up for the beta a while back!

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Martin Hillary wrote:
any news on the Mac version?
I signed up for the beta a while back!

Soon. ;)
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Is the Mac version out yet?

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