List index out of bounds (-1) error message ?!?!?! #2

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Ref.: HTML Editor Build 302

I see this title has been posted since 2005 with 30+ inquiries and 2000+ views and no one really has a clue what the exact nature of this error is.

What does this error message mean:
"List index out of bounds (-1) error message"

Is there no CoffeeCup Forum Moderator that will help here?

I get this massage when clicking OK to the Website Project Setting Box.

Informed response PLEASE?!?

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Well, I'm not that informed but I am going to respond anyway. This type of error is usually caused when some part of the internal workings of the program looks for something that has moved or doesn't exist. Say for example you have an 'array', which is a programming term for a bunch of similar elements that are grouped together for convenience. Imagine there are 4 elements in our array and you code part of the program to return the value of number 4 in this array. The program tries to return the value but this error pops up instead because there is actually no number 4; the array is numbered 0,1, 2 and 3 so four exists but is actually number 3. This is just one possible instance where this error could be generated; there are literally millions of other combinations that could cause it.

Bottom line is that something is either not coded properly and this is causing the error you are seeing (unlikely or everyone would have this problem) or something on your machine is conflicting and playing havoc with your particular installation (and the other 30 or so you mention - out of 8 million plus I might add). This doesn't happen on any of my machines so it is likely something local (and in common) on yours and the other 30 machines.

Since you are so demanding of answers, I imagine the first thing you did was opened a support ticket with Coffeecup. In my experience their support is excellent (you don't get the owner of Adobe posting in their forums) and if I may offer some friendly advice; coming here bristling with attitude isn't going to make their support any better. Place a support ticket and if they don't help you, then perhaps you will have good cause to come here and flame them.


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I too am having the same error message but it says error (2) instead of (1). I changed the location of a youtube media box from the right side of my web page to the left and now I can't get past two error messages. The first is a "List Index out of bounds (2)" and the second is something about not being able to create a temp file on my hard drive in my working directory. I have not changed anything but the location of the youtube window using the new version of HTML (registered) editor making my move with the visual editor (dragging). I have not had any problems with this prior to the upgrade (not that that has anything to do with the problem). I moved it back to where it originally was and still experience the problem. Go figure. I am at a loss but will surely post if I get it figured out. These pesky little problems aside, I still enjoy working with this software.

Deni :/

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Well said Dave T, I agree with your response.
In defence of Coffee Cup I would like to say their support is excellent. I had a similiar message recently in html editor 2009 and Scott responded very quickly with a couple of suggestions. In the end Scott said the only way to resolve this problem was to raise a support ticket. Coffee Cup arranged a technical support phone call with me, dived into my box and fixed the problem.
Thse pesky out of bounds messages are difficult to resolve in fairness to Coffee Cup are often not a making of their software but perhaps something within your machine setup.
Give these guys a chance at Coffee Cup they are there to help. Raise a support ticket and see if they can solve it for you.
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Just an update. Our programmer is looking into this issue and he has a general idea of what is causing the problem. Once he fixes it, we will have an update in the next 1-3 days.

Sorry for all the troubles.
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Hi, just have the I the first in 2010??

already posted

Daniel P.
the answer is 42

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again have this problem...any solutions...

Daniel P.
the answer is 42

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If this problem prevents you from using the product, you should submit a trouble ticket by clicking on your account.
CoffeeCup... Yeah, they are the best!

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I've been getting that message too all of a sudden but just ignored it and it didn't seem to stop things...mind you I kept getting a second public_html folder when uploading so maybe it did cause problems...
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The problem was occurring when loading the last opened project on
startup, and there were no (recent) projects in the projects.ini file,
causing the project list to not have any items in it. When it went to
save the project settings, it was getting the list index error,

This might have occurred from deleting the projects.ini file, or
removing projects, I'm not exactly sure yet.

The easiest way to fix it is to start the editor, and open a project
using the My Websites -> Open Website Project... menu, and select the
project file (*.cpf).

This will add the file to the recent projects list and everything
should work fine.

We have fixed the code to add the last opened project to the projects
list when starting up, as well as an index check when updating a
projects settings.
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