sIFR Font Maker

What's the big deal about Flash fonts?

The right fonts can transform a blasé website into an interesting, unique destination for your visitors. Unfortunately, the right fonts aren't always installed on your visitors’ computers. That’s why savvy webmasters convert these fonts to Flash so everyone can view them. sIFR Font Maker completes this process in three easy steps!

Cool! How do I use it?

Just choose the font files you want to convert, the characters you plan to use, and the location where you want them saved. sIFR Font Maker automatically converts the selected files to an SWF file ready to use with any sIFR3 application.

OK, I have the SWF. Now what?

That depends. If you're familiar with sIFR3, just copy the SWF and modify your source code. But if you want to create fancy fonts without a lot of work, edit the file in Website Font. The program makes it easy to modify all aspects of your font, from size and orientation to advanced effects like glow, bevel, and drop shadow!

  • More reasons to love sIFR Font Maker
  • Convert fonts and export them directly to CoffeeCup Website Font.
  • Convert any TFF, DFONT, OTF, and extensionless fonts.
  • Converts fonts to an SWF file ready to use with any sIFR3 application.
  • sIFR Font Maker is powered by swfmill, a free processor released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). We should note that swfmill works well in most cases, but cannot convert every font.

Now that’s a cool app!

And it’s totally free. Now how cool is that?