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Creating an online photo album with Photo Gallery is almost ridiculously simple. No need to figure out how to hand-code a gallery using tough programming languages — the program takes care of all that hard stuff for you. Instead, you'll see what your gallery will look like on the web while you build it, using tools that make it easy to select and customize themes, add pictures, organize them into galleries, and upload your work.

Customize Your own gallery theme

Photo Gallery gives you the freedom to customize practically every element of your album. Change the background color, template, and layout, or get down into the real nitty-gritty by modifying text and icons, adjusting border colors, and resizing elements. Set captions and organize your photos into separate albums. You can even give the photo-viewing experience more pizzazz with sounds and music.

With a single click, your photos are online

When you’re done, putting your Flash-powered gallery online takes a single click. Photo Gallery takes care of the uploading process for you, so you can rest assured that all your files are in the right place. When everything’s uploaded, just paste the provided code into your webpage wherever you want it to appear.

Get HTML-based galleries using our web platform

If you have a paid S-Drive plan, publish your galleries to our web platform so your photos can be powered by HTML instead of Flash. Using HTML for your galleries makes them visible on every type of device, whether desktop or mobile. Just enter your CoffeeCup account information and click Publish.

No Coding Required

No Coding Required: Don’t know how to code or design with Flash? No worries. Photo Gallery has been created with beginners in mind. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create a gorgeous photo gallery.

Image Format Support

Image Format Support: Whatever format your images are in, Photo Gallery can handle it. The software supports all the major image formats, including JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and more.

Keep Things Organized

Keep Things Organized: So you’ve got photos from a friend’s wedding, a family vacation, and a night out with your coworkers, and you don't want them getting mixed up. No sweat! With Photo Gallery, you can put your photos in separate albums and make sure all your photos are in the right place.

Powered By Flash

Powered By Flash: Flash photo galleries provide a quick, interactive viewing experience for your visitors and are extremely consistent. They look exactly the same everywhere.

Add Captions

Add Captions: What better way to enhance an image than with a clever caption? With Photo Gallery, you can add cool sliding captions, and customize the font, color, size, and more.

Keep Things Organized

Keep Your Photos Secure: Wanna hear an industry secret? All the big-time photographers use Flash to display their photos because people can’t right-click and download them. Is this a concern for you? Good news: You can protect your photos the same way with Photo Gallery.

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