Password Wizard

Password-protect your site quickly and easily with Flash!

CoffeeCup Password Wizard allows you to create usernames and passwords to protect your website with Flash. It works in multiple framesets, provides redirection for correct logins, allows you to preview as you work, and allows you to customize size and colors to match your webpages.

Feature Comparison Website Access Manager Password Wizard

Allow/Block Visitors by IP Address — so if you notice any pesky spammers coming from the same place, you can cut them off at the source!

Redirect your users to fun custom error pages (not those ugly standard ones)

Create your own e-mail templates for any situation

A built-in FTP client that makes uploading your work a snap

View the files on your server right from inside the program

Uses Flash to protect your files

Easily import user profiles from a TXT or CSV file

Checks whether your server is compatible with the program

Add multiple users at once — talk about a time-saver!

Compatible with Linux servers

Compatible with Microsoft IIS6/7.0 servers

Protect as many individual files (like pictures, videos, or MP3s) as you need

Protects entire folders in your website

Generates MD5-encrypted (read: bulletproof) passwords

Create as many users/passwords as you want

Protects your website with über-secure, top-of-the-line .htaccess technology

Set your time zone to override your server’s time stamp — perfect if you’re located in a different time zone than your server

Customize the text that appears on your login box

Prevent directory listing so no one can see your server file structure except you

Gives you the option to disable your server signature for an added level of security

Block bad bots that try to spam your website

Hotlink protection, which keeps people from using your files on their website without your permission

Browser redirection — perfect for when you rename pages, reorganize your website structure, or want to point your mobile users to a version of your website made just for them

  • More reasons to love Password Wizard
  • Protects your website with Flash.
  • Customize the appearance of your login box to match the look and feel of your website.
  • Import usernames and passwords from an existing comma-delimited text file.
  • Generates super-secure passwords.
  • Works in multiple framesets.
  • Redirect incorrect logins.
  • Preview your login box as you work on it.

Now that’s a cool app!

And it’s totally free. Now how cool is that?