Release: Aug 10, 2012 |  OSX: 10.6 and higher

The powerful graphics editor with everything you need, and nothing that you don’t.

Be an Artist, or an Editor

Think it’s hard to draw on a computer? The line and shape tools might just change your mind. From perfectly straight lines to elegant curves, from circles to stars, the creation tools make original compositions effortless. The alignment tool is just icing on the cake.

And it’s never been easier to put your own twist on an existing graphic. Working with vectors means you’ve got the ability to adjust each and every component of premade artwork until it’s exactly what you want.

Give it a “Wow” Factor

The power to create your own professional-grade graphics is right within your reach. Start from scratch or open an existing graphic and make it pop in seconds with a versatile menu of easy-to-master vector effects.

Simply select one or more elements, click the effects you’re looking for, and go nuts with dozens of options. With crisp and clean drop shadows, gradients, blurs, and bevels, you’ll be able to add that little bit of extra pizzazz that’ll leave people saying, "How’d they do that?"

Edit Images in a Snap

Import your photos into a raster editor that gets right to the point. For quick post-processing to make your photos shine before sharing them on the web, look no further than the Filters. Stylize your snapshots or simply isolate colors to get an effect that demands attention.

Want full control? Open up the Adjustments for a panel of sliders that puts you in control of just about anything. Adjust brightness, colors, vignetting, and more to make images that look both modern and classic.

  • FEATURE ROADMAP Full Support Coming Soon We’re thinking about it
  • Vector-based editor: Create graphics that scale to any size.
  • Powerful drawing tools: Brush, Pen, and Line.
  • Quick n’ easy shapes: Click and drag to draw circles, squares, stars, etc.
  • Text tool lets you use any font installed on your computer.
  • Easy-to-apply vector effects: Blur, fill, stroke, shadow, bevel, and glow.
  • Hey, you can even copy and paste effects!
  • Color palette that helps you keep up with the tones you’re using.
  • Color swapping is as easy as choosing a new hue.
  • Raster editor: Give your photos some love before sharing them.
  • Import your own images (JPG or PNG).
  • Export graphics optimized for the web in PNG or JPG formats.
  • Built-in image editor: Light correction, color adjustments, and more.
  • Cool effects make images pop: Aging, Sepia, Comic, and more.
  • Duplicate objects so you don’t need to redraw ’em.
  • Group objects to apply adjustments to multiple elements at once.
  • Multi-layer projects provide a 3-D workspace.
  • Arrangement tools ensure that your layers sit in the correct order.
  • Alignment tools ensure your design is to-the-pixel exact.
  • Rotate, flip, mirror, and all-around manipulize your images.
  • Resize documents with or without preserving the aspect ratio.
  • Editing handles let you resize and rotate on the fly.
  • Set the canvas size so your project’s exactly the dimensions you want.
  • Trim Canvas option automatically removes white space around your project.
  • Show a grid, and even customize how that grid displays.
  • Zoom in to adjust the nitty-gritty, or zoom out to get an overview.
  • Sample graphics included that’ll get you started.
  • Tutorials walk you through simple tasks so you learn the tools.

Now that’s a cool app!

Download the free trial version and check it out for yourself.