Customize HTML & CSS3 navigation menus without coding

Menu Builder creates good looking, standards compliant, menus with simple intuitive visual controls. That’s right, you don’t have to write a single line of code to add drop downs, apply rounded corners, box shadows and so much more. You can also export your menus and hand tweak every single aspect. Or, simply paste the code into your site and enjoy the pleasure of a custom, smoothly functioning CSS3 Menu that can be updated with ease.

Horizontal, Vertical, Mobile...

Menu Builder comes with a growing number of solid layouts that can be molded to your needs. Design horizontal drop down menus, build vertical slide out menus, and tweak collapsable (mobile) menus.

Developed with HTML & CSS3 all layouts are web-friendly, making them display and function properly on every device. It gets even better: every menu may be tweaked for optimal usability on any screen size, from small to big! How cool is that?

Drag-n-Drop Menu Management

Effortlessly add, name, reorganize or remove buttons, submenus and submenu buttons. Arrange your menu buttons with your mouse, leaving your other hand free for a cup of caffeine. Just add links and you’ve got a menu ready to rock and roll!

Change your mind on the structure of your menu? Need to update your menu? No problem! Rearrange the order without having to start all over. This way your menu can stay up-to-date as your website evolves.

Powerful Visual Design Tools

Packed with comprehensive design tools, Menu Designer might have been a better name. Configure every characteristic of each individual menu element or adjust them all at once. Change colors, set backgrounds, use rounded corners, apply shadow effects, add icons or images, and much, much more.

You want that specific button or button state (pseudo class) to stand out? This is your chance right here. Adjust widths, margins, paddings, font styles, colors, borders and the rest of the pack as you see fit.

Slick Inspirational Themes

Learn from the app creators by starting from a predefined set of styles. Be inspired, study, learn, and tweak the themes to your hearts content using the plethora of easy to use property controls. Or simply save time and apply a cool theme to instantly style your navigation.

Get creative! Make them eye-catching or design them to blend in, everything is possible with this awesome app. Independent of any design choice you make along the way, your menus will load fast and be usable on any device. From big to small, and everything in between.

Responsive Navigation Menus

Responsify your menus with the the responsive slider duo: Sizer and Breaker! They help you to create a menu that adapts to any screen size without tedious hand coding. Yep, that used to be a pie in the sky...

Now there's Sizer who shows what your menu looks like when the screen gets smaller or bigger. His cousin Breaker allows you to change the layout and appearance of your menu at any screen width, for optimal usability.

No responsive website yet? Not a problem! Menu Builder will still help you develop cool, SEO friendly navigation menus. Give it a shot!

Real Breakpoint Management

Add custom breakpoints at any pixel (or em) width to make sure your menu displays perfectly at any possible screen width. Adjust the widths, font sizes or the entire layout for maximum navigation and site usability.

Increase button sizes so they can be easily clicked on smaller mobile devices. Combat glare and add contrast for better readability. Or place your menu behind a trendy single button for mobile devices.

You can add as many breakpoints as you like, move them around and make your friends think you're a magician. They'll believe it too!

  • FEATURE OVERVIEW & ROADMAP Full Support Coming Soon Thinking About It
  • Menu, Button and Layout Control
  • Drag-and-drop your menu buttons to rearrange them and to create submenus.
  • Refine margins, paddings and widths using simple controls to create tailor made menu layouts.
  • Change all buttons together or work your magic on any individual button.
  • Horizontal, vertical and single button (great for mobile!) layouts, the choice is yours.
  • Fully functional on any device that uses HTML, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Comprehensive, easy to use tools for tweaking every single aspect of your menu.
  • Link your menu buttons anywhere - URL, email or a document.
  • Additional trendy navigation menu layouts with cool responsive actions for you to customize.
  • Sub-submenus, alias level 3 submenus, alias 3rd drop downs, alias slide outs (can you see we're thinking hard).
  • Navigation Menu Design Made Easy
  • Apply CSS3 properties like box shadows and border radius using rad design controls.
  • Design custom hover actions for eye-catching mouse over effects (visitors will be back for some more hovering).
  • Backgrounds and Borders: Menu, Buttons, Submenus and Submenu buttons — you rule them all.
  • Swap out your menu theme on the fly — try on a couple for the perfect fit.
  • Style pseudo classes: help your visitors and show the status of every single button, active or not.
  • Awesome font control: font family, size, color, line height, style, alignment and even position.
  • Add icons and position them with scary ease and precision (warning: you might have fun).
  • Really cool CSS3 transition effects (yet easy to tame in the famous CoffeeCup style of things!)
  • Google Fonts Integration: More font choices for your menus would be useful, right?
  • Responsive Patterns and Actions
  • Optimize your menu display and usability across devices using up to 10 media queries (aka breakpoints).
  • Add, move and remove breakpoints with a few simple clicks or drag them to a new position (no, you're not dreaming).
  • Use the width slider (Sizer!) to see what your menu looks like across devices with different screen sizes.
  • Change your menu layout to a more compact version for smaller screens (swap layouts like a boss!)
  • Relative width settings will assure your menu keeps his good looks independent of screen size. (Or go old school with fixed width menus.)
  • Use icon fonts for optimal responsiveness, speed, flexibility and scalability.
  • Export, Sharing and Support
  • Full source code export to hand tweak every single piece of code (if you dare).
  • A comprehensive export process makes embedding the menu in any website a breeze.
  • The most complimented software support staff has got your back—they help you fast and for free too!
  • Easy to follow in-depth menu builder guide to help you master all the nitty gritty design details.
  • Publish your design resources to S-Drive and update your design with even more ease.
  • Share your work in progress for input and feedback.
  • Show off your cool menus on social networks .

Now that’s a cool app!

Download the free trial version and check it out for yourself.