Release: Nov 8, 2013 |  Windows: 8, 7, Vista


Securely store and share passwords.

If you’re doing a great job securing all your accounts on the Internet, you’ve got a bunch of unique usernames, passwords, and registration codes to remember. This can drive you nuts when you forget some of this information and can’t access your accounts. CoffeeCup LockBox keeps up with all of it for you so you’ll never lose anything again. And with the virtually uncrackable 448-bit encryption, you don’t have to worry about hackers, either. All your data is at your fingertips and 100% safe

Add your account information.

Securely store and share passwords.

Generate safe passwords, add notes, links, or even files and store them privately and securely. Or securely share them with the people who need to know—just wow!

Why is this securely store and share feature so cool? Here’s the thing: everything on the web is public by nature. Every email, message or link can be read by somebody else. It’s just how the Internet was designed to work. But if you encrypt the data you’re sharing, that becomes a whole lot more difficult. And hey, LockBox makes it simpler too!

Take it anywhere you go.

Take it anywhere.

You can even retrieve your passwords when you’re out of the house or office. Just copy your LockBox to another computer, or better yet, a portable USB drive. Now you can plug that stick into any computer and find the password you need at any time.

Need a USB stick? Just check the box next to “My software on a snazzy USB Drive” when you check out. We’ll install the software for you and you can keep it on your keychain.

Add your account information.

Usernames, passwords, and more.

Using a single password everywhere on the ’Net is an incredibly bad idea. If someone figures out what that password is, everything you have online is in danger.

LockBox stores every username, password, PIN number, access code, and other data you need to keep up with so you can pull it up at any time. All data files are stored using a 448-bit encryption that prevents unauthorized access to your LockBox.

Generate a password.

Generate ultra-secure passwords.

Websites don’t want your accounts to be broken into any more than you do. These days, they’re requiring more complicated passwords than ever. Nope, “password1” won’t do anymore!

LockBox will generate passwords for you that are darn near impossible to guess. Just pull up the generator, choose the options the website requires, and watch it hand you an ultra-secure password.

  • More reasons to love LockBox
  • Share one or more of your accounts with others allowing them to import only what you choose to share.
  • Nested group support giving you even greater control over how you organize your account information.
  • Built-in email system allowing you to send account information right from within the software
  • Options to clear clipboard contents on exit or at a set time interval for extra security.
  • Edit Delete Copy the program to a thumb drive so your account information is always at hand.
  • Easily migrate your data from any other program using our CSV importer.
  • Include images, files and other attachements with each of your accounts.
  • Store usernames, passwords, and account information all in one place.
  • Stores all information securely using 448-bit Blowfish encryption.
  • Use the password generator to whip up super-secure passwords.
  • Customize the display and show only the fields you want to see.
  • The built-in search function helps you find information quickly.
  • LockBox minimizes to your system tray for quick access.
  • Export your information to a CSV, PDF, or XML file.
  • Create custom information fields.

Now that’s a cool app!

Download the free trial version and check it out for yourself.