Professional graphic design that fits into anyone’s hands.

Is the web entirely about graphics?

Graphics are the first thing your visitors see; they’re the ultimately important first impression. You need cool images that tell your story, fit your theme, and support your style. They aren’t the sole factor, but having the right tool to create and edit them is an absolute must.

That tool doesn’t need to be difficult to use. With Web Image Studio you can use one-click instant effects or a comprehensive panel of simple sliders. You can change the color of a photo or make specific colors or objects stand out. The possibilities are endless.

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Our customers agree...

I really enjoy creating icons, buttons and illustrations for our website. It's a powerful image editor.

Howard Silka

This is an amazing image editor… The controls for editing icons are perfect. I can add shiny effects or change colors in a snap. Thanks CoffeeCup!

Jean Gray

Graphic editing can be easy.

How often have you opened a graphic editor that has so many hard-to-understand functions that it seems like the only thing it does well is confuse you? Too many times, right?

With the right workflow, making cool web graphics is easy and fun. Changing this apple from red to blue in other apps involves masking, layers, gradients, and a whole mess of filters and opacities. In Web Image Studio, it’s a matter of clicking the two shades of red and replacing them with shades of blue. Your graphic magically transforms while maintaining all the depth and details.

Give it a “Wow” factor.

The power to create your own professional-grade graphics is now within your reach. You can apply cool styles that give your graphics the extra “oomph” they need with a single click. Take light blue text and apply a dark blue stroke to give it a sharp-looking border. Apply a shadow to make the words stick up off the page. For a final touch, give it a yellow glow so it has a nice backlight. Your plain text just came to life!

Want to stretch, flip, and rotate text or other creations? You can do that too, of course!

Fix images in a snap.

For quick post-processing to make your photos shine before sharing them on the web, look no further than the incredible filters. A single click of the Lomography filter could be all you need to bring out the colors in your photo. Or try the color pop for an isolated color that makes you jump for joy.

Want full control? Open up the Adjustments for a panel of sliders that puts you in control of just about anything. Tweak brightness, colors, vignetting, and more to make images that look both modern and classic.

Image Studio Facts:

Go Freehand

Use the pencil tool to draw whatever you like with your mouse. When you’re done with the line, Web Image Studio converts it into vector data so you can go back and tweak each point later. Draw with complete confidence!

Perfect Shapes

It’s difficult — impossible even — to freehand a perfect triangle or circle. The Shape tools eradicate all that hassle by giving you access to perfectly drawn shapes of any size. Just click and drag.

Oodles of Graphics

We’ve also got a huge collection of graphics for you to choose from. And since they’re all fully customizable in Web Image Studio, you can put your own special touch on each and every one of them.

Easy Alignment

Select two or more objects and click the Align toolbar button to display your alignment choices. You can align objects in six different orientations so that you’re only a few clicks from to-the-pixel-exact object placement.

WIF File

We made a new graphics format, too. Sure, you’re probably asking “Why do we need another graphics format?” Trust us, we didn’t want to make a new format (it was a lot of work), but there was no other way to get the speed and flexibility we needed to make such an awesome app. The Web Image Format (.WIF) is a vector based file designed specifically for the way regular people work, and it’s brilliant in Web Image Studio Lite. We think you’ll see we made the right choice. Want to know more?

What an amazing web app, huh?

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