Hex vs RGB color values

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I searched the forums and found a thread that touched on this issue way back in 2006. I decided to start a new one.

I use VSD and HTML Editor. Together they make a great solution.

I find it frustrating that VSD uses RGB and HTML Editor uses HEX values. I get annoyed when my colors are off and I realize that I punched a RGB value into a HEX field or vice versa

If there is a setting for selecting a default I don't know about it. If there isn't there should be.

Jumping into a 3rd program to make the conversion is inconvenient.

There, I feel better.


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There are two ways of doing this.

First let's say you have the RGB value 0, 64, 128, and want to add it to the code... do this:

Just insert the RGB value where the HEX value would normally go with this formatting:

color: rgb(0, 64, 128);

Or if you would like to change it to HEX format from within CoffeeCup HTML editor do this:

1. Click on the color-wheel icon in the toolbar
2. Click the "Define Custom Colors >>" button.
3. Then, simply enter the RGB value in the Red, Green, Blue boxes (Red: 0, Green: 64, Blue: 128)
4. Press "OK" and the Hex code #004080 will be generated for you.

Let me know if you need any more help with this.
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Yep that's why the CC Website Color Schemer program is my right hand man! :P
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That has to be one of my big gripes with VSD. I use the Color Schemer to get the hex #s, too.
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It seems odd that CC's two main programs use different color designations. Making the conversion isn't difficult just annoying.

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Jo Ann wrote:
Yep that's why the CC Website Color Schemer program is my right hand man! :P

Wrong... lol I am the right hand man...
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hahaha ok ok so right hand program then! :P
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