Slow Start-up time in HTML Editor

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The spec of your pc is adequate to say the least, Inger has pointed out some good stuff, defrag being a good idea.

Though, I have to say, its only helped me when I have had a huge ammount of stuff on my pc and defrag hadn't been run for a very long time.

The useage reported shouldn't slow the editor to a crawl though.

Strange one really. the suggestion of doing a drive reformat being the bizzarest one yet! Fine as long as you don't have anything else in there you don't mind losing.

The other programs you have, are they 'normal' or ram intensive, the antivirus ones now can be doing all sorts of stuff in the background, could the editor be getting some 'special' treatment maybe, that could slow it down. Check the antivirus program hasnt had changes made to how it treats individual programs...

Still, this is something that seems to have just 'appeared' out of the blue, could you do an uninstall, shut down and unplug, then restart use the pc and verify that everything else is running as it should ie normally, then reinstall the editor.

Hopefully it will get sorted

Good luck.


Ps, I am using Windows 7 64 bit and have Norton antivirus running, the internet and email is active and two other programs are loaded. The CoffeeCup Editor loads in 2 seconds flat.....
With no files to auto open.

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Hi Peter,

Unfortunately, my company has the antivirus so locked down that I'm surprised I can even open it to see whats enabled or disabled so there's not much I can do there. I can certainly uninstall the CC editor if need be. I will see how it goes tomorrow morning after my boot. Once I am in the application after that initial boot everything seems to run fine. I was just trying to figure out what could possibly hang it up initially when starting up in the morning. The only thing I could think of is that maybe the mapped drives that CC is looking for in my Website Projects aren't quite "mapped" yet. We all know how long Windows can sometimes take to load everything completely after a reboot.

It's not a major issue, but it is one that I wanted to ping the CC community to get some feedback. Who knows... Maybe the new CC version will address is somehow.

thanks again for EVERYONE'S help!

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If you have mapped drives, that could also be a reason for slowness. Try booting your computer, and wait a while before you fire up the Editor.

Have you set the Editor to open a certain file on startup? If so, remove that setting and see if that helps.

I'm also running Norton. It's said to be a memory hog, but I've never had any problems with it.
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No, the editor is set to "No open document" and "Initial Tab: My Websites" in the Application Startup settings. What I'm thinking is that I set the Application Startup to "Initial Tab: My Computer" and see how CC loads when not looking for the website projects with mapped drives on startup. I could always remove my projects.ini file temporarily as well to see what happens, but that defeats the purpose of the whole Web Projects feature. Might be a good last resort test though.

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Just a note on Ccleaner (for now till they update it to fix this issue in Ccleaner which they are working on at Piriform). If you have it installed, be sure to go to the Application tab on it, scroll down to the Utilities and UNCHECK the HTML Editor as it will remove your projects.ini file which is needed. Then you won't have to reset up your projects again :)

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Right, Jo Ann. I forgot about that. :rolleyes:
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