Link works in IE but not in Chrome, Firefox or Safari

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I launched my new website (only the 2nd I have built) at the weekend. I have a slight problem on the home page where a link to another site should open in a new window but it does not. The link only works in IE but not in Chrome, Firefox or Safari although looking at the page source info the html information seems to be all present and correct. My website is at [ur]l[/url]

I had to change the logo jpeg as the 1st one provided by the 3rd party did not look good. Is it possible some kinda ghosting situation is happening. I have tried deleting the image saving without it then putting the image back on, then alt text and link. All without success. The frustrating thing is the links work perfectly on the other pages in any browser.

Any help much appreciated
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You have a text box over lapping the logo. If you go to the far right side of the logo you can click it.
This is the text box at fault.
<div class="Object262"><span class="textstyle1">to see our<br>
reviews &amp; to <br>
understand the excellent<br>
standards of quality and service that you should expect from us.<br>

You will need to redo several text box's on the page so they conform to the standard in this article.

This should fix everything.:)
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Here's my S-Drive site with
examples of what can be accomplished in VSD.
Here's my CoffeeCup SCCP Shop with examples of what can be done.
This is a site I built for my work.(RSD)
This is a site I built for use in my job.(HTML Editor)
This is my personnel site used for testing and as an easy way to share photos.(RLM imported to RSD)

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Thanks Eric for pointing me in the right direction, I will have a read and sort it out tomorrow.


A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!

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