AOL - will not load website, all other browsers OK

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Having a strange problem, on all browers the web site loads fine but on AOL it keeps what looks to be refreshing it self over and over again, then i finally get a message from my host (GoDaddy) that it cant find the web page with some cryptic URL ( GoDaddy doesnt know what or where this YUOQU came from either.

One time (only) it did load but all the pictures had the red 'x' even with the pictures shown.

I am using a flash menu builder from another company and thinking that was it, removed it from a specific page. Problem still occured.

I have built other webs site using the same software products and they all load fine on AOL.

The web site is

I am using the latest versions of VSD, Firestarter, Form Builder, Jukebox and a flash menu builder from Dreaming Soft.

Anyone run into a similar problem with AOL?


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Update to the above:

1. Rebuilt web site on my dev server, also on Go Daddy and it works fine on AOL
2. Wiped out all the files on and re-sync'd website on - problem still there
3. Loaded vanilla website from one of the VSD themes with only an index page. The page loaded but i got the red 'x' on some of the jpgs' even though the jpg was showing. Also had some that did not show
4. Wiped out all the files on, tried access the page via AOL and DID NOT get a 404 but instead had the same problem of a constant 'refresh'.
5. Wiped out all the files AGAIN and now in the process of having Go Daddy wipe out the entire site, and recreate it including the base file it loads when they first create the domain.....They also checked and did a comparison against my dev server and the config's are the same.
6. They are stumped......

Anyone run into something like this before?

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I have no experience with AOL's browser. I don't even know how to get one, but is it possible it uses some kind of add-on that is preventing it from working correctly?

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Cary wrote:
I have no experience with AOL's browser. I don't even know how to get one, but is it possible it uses some kind of add-on that is preventing it from working correctly?

Thanks Cary, that is very possible.

Latest Update:
1. Go Daddy refreshed the hosting account base files and the problem is still occuring. Constant refresh on a clean hosting account using the very generic 'missing.html' file put out there by Go Daddy.

2. Canceled and re-added my hosting account in order to be put on a new hosting server. If this doesn't work then i have to tell my customer that they can not have thier clients use the AOL Browser.... That should go over real well.........

3. Above is hard to believe but the AOL browser can't even read the generic Go Daddy 'missing.html' file.

The saga continues

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Hello George,

That should not be a problem, I did visit the url and it seems that the site has been removed or is not uploaded to the correct folder, exactly what do you have entered in the "WWW" folder input field?

I would also like to see if you can submit a support ticket to our support office so we may dig a little deeper.

Thank you,

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Just been reading over this issue. In situations like this it would be good to set up the page that you are having problems with and then leave it there for long enough for people to see what is going on and provide feed back. It does not have to be in the root of a servers directory, it could just be uploaded to a temp folder or test folder.

So... that being said, I have AOL Browser installed and I am ready to test.

George, could you post a URL so we can do some testing? Right now it is saying under construction.
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Go Daddy has moved me to another server in an attempt to resolve the problem. I will be reloading the site tonight when i get home. Right now there is nothing on the site. You can see what the site looks like at This is my development server

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Problem Resolved: Root Cause: Unkown (but suspected below)

Go Daddy moved me to another server and i reloaded every component of the website starting with a plain HTML page only, then added flash items, form, jukebox and then other misc things. All worked well. Only thing different from the original is the physical hosting server....

Thanks for the offers to assist.


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