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The easiest way to make killer Flash effects for your website

Make your webpages come to life

A well-placed Flash animation can mean the difference between a blasé webpage and a work of art. Firestarter gives you the tools you need to make your website a unique experience for your visitors — like, for instance, 65 built-in, ready-to-use special effects, a collection of cool MP3 sounds and high-quality images, and much more.

Creating awesome transitions is as simple as clicking the effect that floats your boat. Slide content in or out of the frame, or choose from a wide range of effects that can be applied simultaneously.

Flash animations anyone can make

Firestarter gives you all the resources you need to create an exquisite Flash animation, all packaged in an easy-to-use, WYSIWYG workspace. It gives you just what you need, with no complicated tools or features you'll never use. No more struggling with overly complex software; with Firestarter, you'll be up and running in no time.

Drag your images and objects onto the timeline to create events that will display your content. Then add effects to those events with just a few clicks.

With a single click, your animation is ready to go

When you're done creating a Flash animation, putting it online is as simple as clicking a button. No need to open up a separate program — just use the built-in FTP client. This efficient, reliable tool puts your animation online fast.

You'll be given a little bit of HTML code that you can simply copy and paste anywhere you want your animation to appear. Put it on your own website, on a blog — anywhere code can be inserted.

Easily Add Animations to Your Pages

Easily Add Animations to Your Pages: Firestarter's WYSIWYG workspace means you'll never have to write a single line of code. Adding an animation to a webpage is simple: Just paste the automatically generated HTML code into your page, and you're all done!

Your complete flash toolbox

Your Complete Flash Toolbox: Here are just a few of the many things you can do with Firestarter: Add text, images, sounds, links, and shapes, and control their motion, opacity, and layer order. Loop audio clips, resize images, and apply fade effects to text. Whew!

Automatic Conversion

Automatic Conversion: Import images from any format and convert .wav files to MP3s. Firestarter automatically converts everything to a spiffy Flash (SWF) file.

Built-in Preview

Built-In Preview: It's always important to double-check your work before you put it online for the world to see. Use the built-in preview function to check out how your animation looks in a real browser.

Some Firestarter Samples

  • More reasons to love Firestarter
  • Easily create awesome Flash animations.
  • Convert big, clunky animated GIFs to tiny Flash files.
  • Includes more than 50 cool MP3 sound effects.
  • Firestarter gives you control over all aspects of your animation, including motion, opacity, layer order, and more.
  • Firestarter supports most popular image formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF.
  • Apply a transparent background to your animations so your website background shows through.
  • Includes an ActionScript timeline for greater control over your animation.
  • Add text, images, sounds, links, and shapes.
  • More than 65 easy-to-use predefined effects.

Now that’s a cool app!

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