Release: Oct 9, 2012 |  Windows: 7, Vista

Main Interface of v5.0

Sharing your events with the world has never been easier.

With Web Calendar, creating a comprehensive calendar of events for your website is a pleasure. It’s as easy as jotting a note in your personal planner, and as helpful for your visitors as hand-delivering a copy of your schedule. But it can do much more than just create a calendar for your website! You can also organize your events, keep track of your own personal schedule, and import information from your friends’ calendars. Throw in some cool themes and an easy-to-understand interface, and you’ve got yourself the best option for managing your schedule and sharing it on the web.

Share Your Events

With Web Calendar, it’s easy to share your schedule with your website users. Just enter the information about your event and publish your work. You can also organize your events into different calendars — one for your personal life, another for business, another for school, and so on. You can then choose which of these calendars to publish to which places — and which ones you just want to keep on your local computer. With all this flexibility and power, Web Calendar is a great way to organize your busy schedule.

Sync Your Schedules

Web Calendar 5 uses the popular iCalendar format for storing and sharing event information. You can easily open calendars made with almost any other program and import events right into your existing calendars, or create a new one. It's just as easy to save calendars you make to an iCalendar file, making sharing your events as easy as pie. It's never been easier to share events and calendars with friends, coworkers, family, and fellow web designers.

Snazzy Looking and Standards Compliant

You don’t need to be a web design guru to have a good-looking calendar. Just pick one of our gorgeous themes — there are eight (and counting!) solid designs to choose from. The finished calendars are powered by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which means they’re search engine friendly and will work with any browser on any computer. This gives you more design consistency and control over how your users see your calendar. And if you have experience with these web design languages, customizing our themes will be a breeze.

  • More reasons to love Web Calendar
  • Great for schools, churches, clubs, and small businesses.
  • We rewrote version 5.0 from the ground up. It's a whole new program with even better features and functionality than before!
  • The interface is so easy to use and understand that you'll swear you've been using Web Calendar for years.

Now that’s a cool app!

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