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  • Use interactive pictures to redirect viewers using embedded links.
  • Configure links with special indicators like mouseover text.
  • Get a hands-on preview and view it at any size within your browser.
  • Responsify the map at export, or use it with a static website.

Draw your map points

The auto wizard helps guide you through the creation process of mapping your images with just a few easy steps. Using the built-in ruler bar and zoom features, you can create Rectangular, Circular and Polygon shapes that will be used to configure the redirect links.

Apply indicators and set link locations

After adding a link to a shape, apply settings to the selected area such as Name, URL, Mouseover Text, ALT Text and Target. Each field is fully described letting you know what it is used for and how to configure it.

Hands-on testing and preview

With a built-in preview, you can see your image map in action! This preview is an active browser where you can test mouseover text and your links. You can even configure your own favorite browsers for testing.

Make it responsive upon export

Choose between 2 finalizing flavors. Export as a static image or make it a mobile-friendly, responsive image map. With detailed instructions on how to insert your image map to your website, your users will be enjoying your creation in no time.

Do it right — Use Image Mapper

Top Reasons Why Image Mapper Is So Great

Built in wizard guides you through the process of creating your image map.

The Preview tab lets you keep an eye on your image map as you work with it.

Add mouseovers and ALT text to link areas of your map.

Those eyes aging a little faster than you care to admit? No problem: Use the zoom tool to get a closer look at your image.

Open and edit image maps directly from an HTML file.

Preview your image map in your favorite browsers.

Map rectangular or circular areas, or create a custom area using the Polygon tool.

Included rulers and a mouse guide help you position map points accurately.

Supports all major image formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

Create responsive images that work on any device - mobile phones too!

Export your image maps in two different formats, responsive and nonresponsive.

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