There are some limitations that have been placed on the Website Insight Trial. You may ask why, well the simple answer is somethings are worth paying for. smiley

Listed below you will find the limitations for Website Insight:


  • Trial version cannot save.
  • Only 3 pages can be scanned.
  • Trail period 5 days.
  • You are able to view 5 keywords on Keywords Tab.
  • You only have access to the first Urgent, Moderate and minor recommendations.

You can upgrade now to the full version and have instant access to over 30 recommendations, tips and suggestions on how to start improving your website. Upgrading is fast, easy and will help you improve the usability and search rank of your website! Want to learn more? Click here for more details and in no time you will be able to:


  • Save and open your reports.
  • See all your keywords.
  • View all recommendations.
  • Support us for our hard work.
  • Analyze all pages.
  • Export all keywords.
  • And much more!