Website Insight V3

Create & share custom SEO reports

Fantastic news friends. Ever since the release of Website Insight there’s been one feature request we’ve heard non-stop: the ability to export the data and generate custom, printable reports. The wait is over!

Custom Reports

Plus we boosted the app’s recommendations, improved the accuracy, and tweaked various tools (details below). Yup, there’s no doubt this update is HUGE!

The report generator and exporter were quite a challenge to get in. We understand the value these reports can bring, especially for SEO consultants, so we pushed through. In return, we’re asking for a small fee.

We pre-created 15 cool report templates. All responsive and HTML-based, which makes them easy to personalize, publish, print and share.

Upgrade this week and get this pack for free (normally $19).

There’s even more to V3...

This new version of Website Insight comes with a bunch of other additions, improvements and tweaks. We added a bunch of recommendations to keep up with the most recent SEO trends, improved the scanning speed and accuracy, included reporting on CSS linked images, refined domain age reporting (for more TLDs)…and a lot more. Check out this forum post for the nitty gritty »

Happy reporting :)