The Website Insight V3 update has literally been flying off the cyber shelves...

…and we know why. It now has the ability to export SEO reports that are easy to customize, publish and share. Which is worth waaayy more than the $19 to upgrade.

Since the upgrades keep flowing in, we’ve decided to extend this exclusive offer for V2 owners until 5pm EST this Friday. We’re like Jedi Knights fighting off the sharing of this secret link and we cannot keep it active much longer. Don't let this fantastic offer pass you by:

Everybody that already updated to V3, we have a mission for you!

Did the new reports impress your boss, or help you secure business with a client? Did the superb, auto-generated 30 page report earn you over $500 as well? Or may be it helped you organize what you need to accomplish on your own site? Well we’d like to know what you think about this hot, hot, new version. Drop us some love, a digital high-five (aka ‘like'), or just shout-out some feedback on our social media outlets.

What's the scoop on Website Insight V3

This fresh version includes new recommendations to keep up with the most recent SEO trends, improved scanning speed and accuracy, reporting on CSS linked images, and more.

Hands down the coolest feature are the exportable reports. Just take a look at our example:

Custom Reports

Read the full list of additions and improvements made in V3. Just be sure to come back to this email and grab your upgrade offer before it expires later this week. You won’t regret it!

Happy analyzing!