How's it going with V3?

Are you one of the many that’s already kickin’ the tires of the new Website Insight? Please let us know how it goes! Drop us a note on our Facebook page or send us a few words on twitter. We’d love the feedback (and kudos)!

What? You don’t have Website Insight V3?

No worries, there’s still time to upgrade and get 15 complimentary report templates. That’s right, V3 generates and exports comprehensive SEO reports from all the data WI V3 collects. The reports are fully customizable, brandable and the secret weapon for anyone into SEO.

For a few more days you can get the upgrade to V3 for just $19:

What else is new in Website Insight V3

In this giant update, we've added new and tweaked existing tools to help you better analyze sites and pages. This includes fresh recommendations to keep up with the most recent SEO trends, improved scanning speed and accuracy, reporting on CSS linked images, and more.

Hands down the coolest feature are the exportable reports. Just take a look at our example:

Custom Reports

These reports are great for sharing with clients and colleagues. Want the full scoop on the additions and improvements made in V3? Check it out here. Just be sure to swing back here to grab your exclusive upgrade before it expires at the end of the weekend.

Happy analyzing :)