Want to customize the look of your S-Drive Stream quickly and easily? The process is simple. We’ve got a collection of themes that allow you to have a professional-looking microblog in just a few clicks.

To change and edit the theme:

  1. Go to your S-Drive Dashboard and click the Stream tab.
  2. On the right, under Manage Your Stream, click Customize Theme.
  3. At the top of the window click the menu item that says Themes.

There are two different types of themes to choose from:

  • Embeddable Themes
  • Full Page Themes

Though they both do basically the same thing, there are some important differences between the two.

Embeddable Themes

One of the cool things about your Stream that makes it so versatile is that it can be embedded. What this means is that a short bit of code can be implemented into another webpage's HTML so that your Stream can be placed alongside other content.

For this reason, we've created themes that are specifically intended to be used for embedding your Stream. The style sheet for this type of theme only affects the area directly around the posts without defining the style of the rest of the page. This keeps the CSS rules associated with your Stream from conflicting with those on the webpage you intend to embed it within.

Keep in mind that you aren’t required to embed your Stream in a webpage if you use this type of theme; it’ll still be perfectly functional on its own.

Full Page Themes

This second type of theme styles the entire webpage that it appears on. These themes work really well on their own without being embedded in a webpage. An attempt to embed one of these types of themes may cause other CSS rules that are being used on that page to be overridden.

Determining Which Type of Theme to Use

Do you plan on using your Stream by itself or as one of many elements on a webpage? If you want to use it alone, a full page theme is probably best. If you want to use it alongside other elements, go with an embeddable theme.