The first time you start Firestarter, a quickstart wizard will load, allowing you to create your first movie. If you ever wish to load the quickstart wizard when Firestarter is running, click on the new button.

From the quickstart wizard, you can edit some basic preferences, such as movie width and height, background and text color, and whether or not the movie will loop by default. If you are still not sure what to enter for this information, you can always change these settings later in the movie-making process.

Once your movie is loaded, you will see a white box in the main window of the screen. This is where your movie is pre-viewed.

The window directly to the right of this preview window displays general information about your movie, which you can edit as needed. If you select a movie object (such as images or text), you can also edit the object's properties here.

The bottom left corner of Firestarter, called the "Cutting Room," will display a list of objects in your film, it will be blank until you start inserting objects. The window directly to the right of the cutting room window displays a timeline for your movie.